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“Thank you so much for the great opportunity to get involved and mentor!”
- Sarah Bennett, Compliance Officer, Morgan Stanley, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"I just wanted to extend my thanks again for the incredible guidance and support you have provided me over the past year. I couldn’t be more pleased that The Aspire Foundation matched us!  Our relationship began at a crossroads for me and you truly helped me get through it and have helped me better poised to handle the change, transition and opportunities I’m now faced with. Words alone cannot express how amazing your guidance and wisdom were for me during our mentoring relationship this past year."
- Sharmila Rao Thakkar, Executive Vice President, The Siragusa Foundation, Aspire Foundation Mentee

“We both felt that you did a brilliant job of matching us up, with both of us feeling that we were going to be able to work together effectively to identify and achieve her goals."
- Debra Corey, Senior Director Compensation and Benefits, EMEA, Quinitiles, Aspire Foundation Mentor

 “My mentee welcomed the opportunity to talk to someone neutral and independent about her day to day work.”
- Lynne Turner, Director Financial Control, Centrica PLC, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"I just wanted to let you know how amazing my mentor is. We've had our initial contact and a great conversation about her background, mine, my social enterprise and how to go forward.  We've already planned our first session for this month as I'm due to pitch my business at the end of the month, and was happy that she was up to supporting me with this. Just a huge thank you to everyone at Aspire for providing this amazing service to women like me, and I look forward to the next few months progress with my mentor."
- Amna Abdullatif, Founder, Modst, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"Mentoring provides me with new insights that has gone beyond my experience in the corporate world. Specifically, the talent and hunger that's out there to make life better for self and the world around us."
- Cheryl A White, Owner, Cheryl White Associate, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"I benefited from the opportunity to connect with other passionate women beyond my workplace and the actual concept of ASPIRE is very inspiring. I hope to give back in the same way one day. In fact, I have really tried to create openings for other women I know professionally to discuss mentoring and this interaction has been very rewarding. Actually, I would love to become a mentor! I have benefitted from a private mentor separate to this initiative and really believe these kinds of exchanges can be life changing."
- Lauren Rumble, Chief of Child Protection, United Nations Childrens Fund, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I am finding the mentoring process with my wonderful and inspirational mentee really interesting and rewarding for me personally as well as hopefully providing a sounding board and critical friend to her. I really love the programme and the spirit of empowerment and community is really inspiring!"
- Paula Leach, Head of Learning & Development, Ford of Britain, Ford Motor Company Ltd, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"I liked sharing experience, advice and support across the corporate and charity sector for the benefit of women. I liked the advice from outside my organisation, unbiased eyes on my CV and application for promotion, sounding board for concerns and opportunities, as she worked in HR/Performance area there were some specific tools and models she shared with me which were quite helpful. I was able to walk through a promotion process which I achieved. The mentoring gave me an outside perspective unconstrained by internal concerns."
- Laura Brooks, Corporate Partnerships Executive, Plan UK, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"My mentee has been doing exceptionally well and I must tell you how impressed I am with how much progress she has made in the last few months.  We have a great dialogue and have productive calls each month comprising of progress updates, new discussions and 'to-do/ action' items for the following month.  We have had regular and timely meetings.  I truly have nothing negative to say about this mentoring relationship.  It started on the right foot and all has gone well since then.”
- Melda Degirmenci, Independent Legal Counsel, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"I liked that the mentoring programme was informal, intelligent, stretching, insightful. Improved my self-awareness and ability to handle difficult conversations/people and therefore my influence and impact. I valued the honesty and confidentiality."
- Fran Tindall, Senior Head of Employee Engagement, The Prince's Trust, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I got a lot from mentoring [my mentee] and particularly from mentoring someone from a different culture because I had to be sensitive to the differences and how not all of my advice would necessarily be appropriate. What I valued most from the programme was feeling like I might in some small way be helping improve [my mentee's] quality of life."
- Rebecca Sinnatt, Sales Manager, IBM, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"Overall I was very impressed by the whole concept of The Aspire foundation, the administration and customer service. I valued the open relationship with my mentor, enabling me to talk and discuss matters regarding work, which was very valuable."
- Sajedah Patel, Regional Fundraiser, Beating Bowel Cancer, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I thoroughly enjoyed the time I have been mentoring my mentee and I am confident that we both gained from the relationship. I am not sure that the programme itself enabled this other than of course establishing the initial connection and then its success is really down to the mentor and mentee. I benefited the most from building a relationship with a wonderful woman and learning from her context and challenges. Feeling I was able to make a difference to her personal and professional growth."
- Jade Starrett, Global Talent Director, Experian, Apsire Foundation Mentor

"Thank you so much for accepting me to be part of the scheme. I've found this mentoring relationship to be something that it would have been very difficult for me to set up myself. I really value the fact that my mentor isn't operating in the same circles as me (Africa, education, social enterprise) and so has an external perspective."
- Rebecca Sweetman, CEO, TutuDesk, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I benefited the most from the set aside dedicated time to re-energise myself by focussing on positive ways to assist someone else outwith my normal work demands. This is what I find most pleasurable and seeing the positive changes with my mentee was the reward in itself. What I valued the most from the program was the interaction with my mentee, helping her to identify possible options or aspects that she had not previously considered."
- Vivien Broughton, Vice president Human Resources, Senergy Resources, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“Things are definitely going well with my mentoring relationship. My mentor is really great, we connect very well and she’s been so helpful in helping me to see things from different perspectives, in coming to terms with how I feel about my work, in finding ways forward and in identifying my values. I’ve had a couple of “breakthrough moments” during our sessions!”
- Beth Peach, Volunteer Support Team Leader, VSO UK, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I was well-matched with the mentee. We immediately were able to collaborate together to work on the immediate work issues she had. The benefits of the program were the mentoring interactions and being able to give through my experience. What I valued the most from the program was watching my mentee's growth and self-confidence blossom."
- Sue Griffey, VP and Director, Evaluation Center, Social & Scientific Systems, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“It’s a programme that is arranged around you and your needs. My mentor and I have developed a good relationship where I can be open and she listens and always try to be helpful and supportive. I had someone who was in my corner and they had no other objective other than to support me in my development -that is priceless. I valued the time, the interest in my company and in my personal dreams/goals.”
- Marcia Samuels, Chief Executive, New Choices for Youth, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"The programme was very insightful, good to understand the differences and similarities across different industries. I benefited the most from the sharing of my skills and knowledge, but I also learned a lot from my mentee too. What I valued the most was being able to share my skills and knowledge to support someone else in the job."
- Christine Rowlstone, Marketing Manager, Westcon Security, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“The mentoring programme is a very good opportunity for people working in the not-for-profit sector to gain guidance and wisdom from an inspiring person from another industry. My mentor’s commitment and wise counsel worked well. It was really good to have some objective support and a different take on things.”
- Deborah Oxberry, Association Director of Business Development, Rethink Mental Illness, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"My objectives were very well met. I was able to use my skills to help someone else look at their own development. I felt good and quite excited by the outcome - good to give something back. What I most valued from the programme was an opportunity to take some quiet time and to think about my own experiences and reflect on my own behaviours."
- Sally Holland, Corporate Director with responsibility for Finance, People, Property and Customer Services, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"I am really pleased with this process so far, it has helped me clarify my goals and set up achievable targets. My mentor is exceptionally helpful and supportive and has been very kind to me as well as encouraging me in my professional life."
- Dianna Langley, Technical Officer, Oxfam International, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"The mentoring programme is an opportunity for growing with another person. It enables someone who may not normally get the chance to participate in sponsored coaching or mentoring to have access to these fantastic skills. For me personally I feel proud to be part of the Aspire goal and to contribute by using my coaching skills, I also get to improve my coaching skills with every encounter. I most valued being able to support someone and show them coaching, I believe that experiencing coaching enables an individual to better support themselves in exploring where they want to be and how to get there."
- Tomasin Magwood, Consultant, FranklinCovey, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"The programme was very useful and I learned a lot. The approach of the programme was professional, providing guidance through the webinars, but relaxed enough to allow both mentor and mentee to work in a way that suited them. The impact of the programme was/is that it enabled me to feel I had objective and confidential support for my management skills. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Aspire Mentoring Program. The Aspire organisation certainly lives up to its name."
- Eileen Jacques, Hub Manager, ERIC, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I have developed my own mentoring skills further outside the workplace and learned more about the challenge of working for the volunteering sector. There were many times when it did become a true two way process and it inspires me in my current role. What I most valued out of the mentoring relationship was adding value, gaining knowledge and sharing existing skills. As an additional benefit, your webinars and programmes are helping with the merger of two existing organisations and providing a common language for the women in the new company to share and build upon. Thanks."
- Amanda Hardcastle, Senior HR Manager, Covea Insurance (formally Provident Insurance), Aspire Foundation Mentor

"The mentoring programme is a great idea. It has massive potential and I'm very pleased to have taken part. I explored and questioned lots of areas of my personal and professional life, which has been helpful in setting goals and continuing to look objectively at what I want out of life. Working with my mentor has given me confidence to work with a stranger and open myself up to questioning how and why I’m doing my job. It's helped me look at my career more objectively; to see where my strengths and weaknesses lie and what I need to improve on."
- Fundraiser , Unseen, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"Coaching and Mentoring is something I am interested in pursuing longer term as a career and this is a great opportunity for me to get a taste of it and decide whether it really is for me or not. I feel a little as though I have opened up my world and am living vicariously through my mentee and what she is doing. It's a really enjoyable and worthwhile experience. So much so, in fact that I have passed on the information about Aspire and the Mentor programme to some other women that I work with and I know that they too have volunteered."
- Sarah Gayle, Human Resources Business Partner, Astrazeneca, Apsire Foundation Mentor

"I think it had a much bigger impact than I expected and I thought the Webinar to prepare me for the process was excellent as well. I felt I gained much needed clarity and a second opinion about the situations I was facing at work and some insight into how a larger organisation faced with similar issues approached them, so I felt as if these really added value to my personal as well as working life. I gained some insight into how to deal with difficult situations and some excellent solutions, but most of all it was to have a second opinion or to validate courses of action which I fund most useful!"
- Rachel Nouch, HR Manager, Develop Enhancing Community Support, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I have completed four sessions with my mentee and so far progressing well - for both parties I believe. I have attended two of your virtual mentoring sessions (the second one my mentee also attended) and found them very useful. Your most recent one on the mentor relationship helped us further shape and improve the structure of our monthly conversations."
- Rachel Cook, Finance Director, Global & European Hair Category, Unilever U.K. Central Resources Limited, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"My mentor helped guide and support me through a challenging transition which was appreciated. I valued my mentor's opinions and her time. Thank you."
- Zoi Mazluga, Personal Assistant, FTI Consulting, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"It is an excellent idea and a good way to match people who want to work together. It was really good talking to someone and sharing experiences and it was easy to have worthwhile conversations as we both wanted to share. My mentee was a lovely (very busy) person. It was good to use my general business skills in a completely different environment and it made me look at my skill set differently."
- Michele Oldfield, Information Systems Manager, Imperial Tobacco Ltd, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"My mentor was very helpful and encouraging and had some excellent input. You have all been enormously supportive and helpful!"
- Arline Saiki, Director, Abstinence Education Council, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to help someone working in the charity sector. I learned a lot about her world, and this also encouraged me to reflect on aspects of my own. The whole process was good. I had challenged myself to use it as an opportunity to develop my coaching style, using open questions and supportive challenge. This was a good opportunity to step outside my corporate 'bubble' and to help someone in a different world."
- Olivia Gadd, Director of Communications, Grant Thornton, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"I found the meetings very helpful as my mentor has a lot of experience. She has experience in corporate dealings and I go in the non-profit sector. So there was scope for cross learning. My mentor is friendly i.e. very open in discussions. I never felt that we are talking from long distance."
- Reshma Khan Zaman, Director Finance and Administration, WaterAid, Aspire Foundation Mentee

“I think it is a very positive initiative for both mentor and mentee. From a mentor perspective, this programme is giving me an opportunity to explore and improve my mentoring capabilities. It is also exposing me to the non-profit world which is quite different from corporations. This programme has helped me clarify objectives and also gave me some confidence that I am capable of mentoring.”
- Maria Luisa Liuzzo, Annuity manager, Graphic Communication Xerox Europe, Xerox UK Ltd, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"My mentor did much to give me a lift, motivate, and balance what it was I said. Most of all it was really refreshing to get support from a warm and positive person who could see things objectively and impartially. My mentor provided me with self-belief and motivation to address the objectives - something that is missing in the workplace for me. I’d just like to say a big thank you!"
- Carole Jones, Service Director, CAN, Aspire Foundation Mentee

“Mentoring keeps my skills fresh as I am a business start-up myself and clients are thin on the ground. I valued the level of rapport, and being able to see the impact my coaching and mentoring was having on her whole life. I've already paired with another mentee, this will be the third one. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience and being able to help some truly interesting women.”
- Meriel Swain, Owner, Sweet Success Coaching, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"I think that it is fantastic. I have been a mentor/coach/mentee before, although always within my organisation. Having a mentor who has no direct connection to the organisation, or town, or to my personal life enabled a space to open up, where I could prioritise and think about my professional future with someone who cared about those things. I think it was also helpful that Aspire mentors are successful women, so mentees can have someone to relate to, and talk honestly with, about the way they feel- without it becoming a counselling/friendship, rather than a professional mentoring, relationship."
- Sally King, Development Programme Learning Officer, Oxfam GB, Aspire Foundation Mentee

“The programme is very well organised with the matching between mentor and mentee. As a first time mentor through Aspire, I gained experience and a greater awareness of all I did know and could pass on to others. It was a different way to look at my own experiences and reflect on what I gained from them. The ability to help and guide someone along their career path, was very satisfying and provided me with a different perspective on some issues, and an insight into how the charity sector functions. I valued the ability to help someone and for them to achieve a goal based on your advice.”
- Joanne Garner, Site and Finance Manager, PlastiKote Ltd, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“I have really enjoyed this mentoring experience and have recommended it to others. My mentor presents me with a mirror when I need to look at myself more objectively but she also relates to my challenges and offers me encouragement. She has been a great mentor and I look forward to our phone sessions. My mentors business sense has been a breath of fresh air and her support has allowed me to look beyond the boundaries I set for myself to see what I can achieve. Thank you for the opportunity.”
- Corina Carroll, Program Director-SOS Children's Village BC, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"This has had a very positive effect on both of us I think; I have seen my mentee grow over the past seven months (including introduction session) and this has had a real impact on my enthusiasm also. I have found my mentee’s growth and increasing confidence inspiring and it has led to me taking a closer look at myself as a result. Therefore I believe that I have learned as much from her as she has (hopefully) learnt from me. I valued the trust between us and the open and honest dialogue which is essential if the process is going to succeed."
- Vicki Coombe, Regional HRIS Manager – EMEA, SGS, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“I’m having a very positive experience with my mentor and really benefitting from our sessions. I can’t speak highly enough of this amazing opportunity.”
- Susan Barlow, Fundraising & Marketing Manager, Cord UK, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"The mentoring programme was very stimulating and very rewarding. I was pleased to find that my questions brought about a lot of reflection in my mentee and she was able to achieve a considerable shift in her confidence and skills during the period we worked together. I benefited from an opportunity to keep my hand in now that I don't work in a large organisation where I am mentoring every day, reassurance that I have something to offer - even when the mentee works in a different sector to myself. It looks good on my CV when I apply for paid work - I am now training women in business to mentor other women as a result."
- Julia Pollock, Director, Cre@tive Leadership & Development Ltd, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“My mentoring is going well. Our conversations are fairly informal allowing us to discuss the key issues or things that I need more immediate guidance on – whilst keeping major goals in sight. I have been well matched and get on very well with my mentor on a personal level, as well as finding her advice and guidance invaluable. Thank you very much for connecting me to her.”
- Celia Brumby, Corporate Partnerships Manager, CAFOD, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"As a mentor it was great to see my mentee’s progress towards her goals in such a short space of time. What worked was having focused monthly mentoring session with clear goals for each session. I benefited from the reward of knowing that I may have helped a talented and aspiring women achieve more of what she wanted."
- Debbie Whitaker, Owner/Consultant, Debbie Whitaker, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“The mentoring is the best thing that has happened to me.  My mentor is  amazing, her ideas are brilliant and  her support is just perfectly  tailored to my needs. I had a tough year due to various family issues and all this while working full time, with staff down in the office. My mentor’s professional, focused support helped me to steady the boat and sail through the storm and I owe her and Aspire so much  and look forward to the next session in anticipation.”
– Katja Jewell, Diocesan Manager, CAFOD, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I felt that the chemistry/role fit was a good one. I believe that my mentee got her needs met and I was able to support her as a mentor. Personally, it was great to contribute to a super initiative. I valued helping someone else grow."
- Grace Owen, Director, Grace Owen Solutions Ltd, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“I have just completed my last session with my mentor. I learnt a lot from her in the sessions we had. She was very good at challenging me and setting me tasks to work on. It really has made a tangible difference in my life. Work apart, she is also of a kind and generous spirit and gave a lot more than she needed to. I really appreciated that.”
- Kemi Lofinmakin, Assistant Head of Neighborhood, Peabody Trust, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"It was nice to be able to help another woman who may have otherwise not had the opportunity to tap into something like this, and that worked for a charity. Felt like it was giving something back. The relationship between myself and my mentee was really good - I feel we both got something out of it. I valued being able to help someone with their development."
- Alexandra Kopitsis, Head of Management Development, Gate Gourmet Ltd, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“I’m so pleased to say that my mentoring programme has started off well and is progressing brilliantly. My mentor and I have established a really good relationship over a short period of time and the rapport between us is strong and growing.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to be involved in the programme.”
- Charity Dandak, Programme Funding Officer, WaterAid, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I enjoyed working with my mentee immensely. It's important to me that my pro-bono work is making a difference so supporting the multiplier effect by working with charities is critical. I've already recommended you to a number of people so they can be mentors & I know they have started. I'll continue to do so as I think a very valuable programme. Thank you!"
- Katie Hodgson, Business Mentor & Coach, TKTfirst, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“The mentoring scheme is going well. My mentor is informative, understanding and supports me to reach my own conclusions, helping highlight issues with her relevant experience. I really value her guidance and the time she puts aside, in what I know is a very busy schedule, to support me. Thanks to the Aspire Foundation for setting this up.”
- Julia Phillips, Trusts and Campaigns Fundraising Manager, Young Epilepsy, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I found it very rewarding to be able to guide someone and the commitment was easy to manage. I was pleased to find that some of my suggestions and our discussions seemed to bear fruit. I also learned things to use in my daily life and I gained personal satisfaction from acting as mentor. I liked the fact that I appeared to be making a difference."
- Jo Boait, Head of Group Company Secretariat, Kleinwort Benson, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“My mentor is fabulous and has really helped me address important professional challenges!”
– Perrine Lhuillier, Director, Donor and Member Relations, Save the Children, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I found the programme to be really good. It was a pleasure to help and be part of my mentee’s big changes and be able to help. It was an open, honest and collaborative relationship. I liked seeing my mentee take on some huge changes in her life in a structured and enthusiastic way."
- Jeanette Hibbert, HR Services Manager EMEA , Kerry Group, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“I am finding the mentoring sessions very useful. The programme has really helped me to evaluate where I am, where I want to be and what I need to do to get there. My mentor has helped me to review my skills and focus on achieving my goals. She is very professional, easy to talk to and very encouraging and I look forward to the sessions and find that they give me confidence to achieve more.”
- Terese Boyes, Marketing & Communications Officer, Army Cadet Force Association, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"It was very interesting understanding how a different charity works and thinks and it was very refreshing to step away from my sector/charity for the brief periods of our meetings/telephone calls. I think my mentee needed an external independent sounding board in the early days and appeared to appreciate the personal support and affirmation that she was doing the right things (though she hardly needed any help!) I liked practicing mentoring and understanding a different charity and different sector and, my mentee is a wonderful person, it was a joy to talk to her! I was able to support my mentee through some different times."
- Sue Holden, CEO, Woodland Trust, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"The Aspire Foundation is a fantastic initiative that has helped develop my personal skills as well as provided a deep sense of satisfaction during the programme and at the outcome. I liked the keeping to a one hour time slot, the flexibility (some face to face some by Skype, some by phone), and the commitment from both mentor and mentee to the programme. I benefited from developing my listening skills and stretching my creative mindset. I had a deep sense of personal pride in being able to help my mentee develop and I valued the openness and honesty in the sessions."
- Rachel Cook, Finance Director, Unilever, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"As a mentor, I thoroughly enjoyed working with my mentee. I found the preparation courses with Aspire helpful in how to prepare for the sessions and contained some good advice/tips. I looked forward to my sessions with my mentee and enjoyed learning about a different industry that she was extremely passionate about. This is my first time being a mentor and it exceeded my expectations."
- Alexandra Cole-Broadway, Head of FI, Dealogic, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“Thank you so much for setting this up.  A number of my colleagues have Aspire mentors and they are all raving about it!”
- DU, Fundraising Manager, NSPCC, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"The mentoring programme is a great idea in terms of the ultimate impact on wellbeing of women - the multiplier effect is very powerful. I enjoyed being helpful and felt more motivated in my personal and professional life even though I was the mentor. I benefited from a sense of contentment and higher motivation in personal and professional life and I also got to know a totally different life! I didn't think that I was actually doing much for my mentee but she was very grateful which made me think that I have made a difference – exactly what I wanted to do."
- Asli Buss, Financial Controller, GE Capital, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"The benefits were both professional and personal. As a result of the programme I feel that I am more organized, more strategic and more capable of taking up challenges. This has benefitted my organization as well"
- Menaca Calyaneratne, Director of Member Service and Advocacy, Save The Children, Sri Lanka, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I loved the whole process. My mentee is a really amazing woman and she inspired me a lot. My mentee wanted a new job so we set some goals, did lots of research, re-wrote her amazing CV. She got a new job and she is super excited! There were so many benefits - this gave me some perspective when I really needed it. I think I have made a really good friend and that we'll continue to support each other."
- Vicky Simpson, Marketing Director, Reuters News Agency, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"It was good to have access to someone who is not from my usual working environment/network. The fact she was from a different "world" meant I had to clarify my objective and vision in a language that was understandable and jargon free. My mentor was also very pragmatic and encouraging"
- Servane Mouazan, Managing Director, Ogûnte, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"I think it is informal and manageable and worked for me for this reason. I have looked into mentoring before and not been able to do it due to the commitment levels involved, but this programme enabled me to do it. I benefited from  the insight into a different organisation, to coach someone without line managing, which is very refreshing and connected with a very nice, like-minded lady, who I think I will stay in touch with for the long term!"
- Helen Burness, Business Development Manager, Halebury, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"My mentoring objectives were met very well, as I knew that when it came to a mentoring session I had to focus my mind on achieving the goals set in the last session. Having someone to report back to really helped me with this and, whilst I still have some goals outstanding, I have a clear plan to achieve them. My mentor went out of her way to help me on many occasions and I really appreciate this."
- Iman Kouchouk, Grants Officer, Groundwork UK, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"The mentoring provided me with external perspective and I found I built confidence in my skills & knowledge. It was really satisfying to be able to use my skills to help my mentee and her charity. My initial objective was to give something back and this was easily achieved."
- Kate Edgar, Business Manager, Microsoft, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"The approach was excellent and it gave me tools to use in my personal and working life"
- Rachel Maguire, Head of HR, Groundwork UK, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"The mentoring programme is an excellent way to share knowledge and make a difference by helping women in different sectors. I had quite a good connection and trusted relationship with my mentee. We talked through expectations for the mentor-mentee relationship and my mentee had a list of actions to do for next time. I benefited from the whole experience and witnessing that my mentee grew in confidence and what she wanted to achieve."
- Beatrice Ramelle-Rigollet, Senior Market Research Manager, Pearson UK, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"I gained confidence from my mentor. I answered my own questions around issues that had been troubling me and was able to disregard them afterwards"
- Sharon Smith, HR Director, Two Saints Ltd, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"As my first experience of mentoring (though I had some experience of coaching) I found the webinars really helpful. I felt that the Aspire team was really supportive and I liked the suggested structure and the scheme seemed to be well-established and efficient. This experience helped to build some confidence and experience as a mentor and it was lovely being able to work with my mentee and see her grow. I was glad I was around when things got rocky for her, it was great being able to help and t also adds something else to my CV (as I'm job-hunting)."
- Jill English, Formerly Head of Human Resources, Rothamsted Research, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"The AF mentoring programme has helped me focus, evaluate and work smarter".
- Sonia Meggie, Founder, Inspirational You, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"The mentoring was a very positive experience - definitely for myself and hopefully for my mentee. The presentation by Sam outlining purpose, structure, hints & tips etc. worked well. I feel that I helped someone and made a difference."
- Elaine Miller, Programme Director, BT, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"Participating in the mentoring scheme has transformed my career and given me the confidence and ability to succeed. In the space of less than a year I have secured a promotion, provided oral evidence in Parliament and participated in a women's leadership event at Cambridge University (with the Chief Executive of Royal Mail no less!). Having a mentor has encouraged me to believe in myself and to take action to develop new skills and I am excited about the next steps in my career and having a mentor has encouraged me to reach my goals. Being paired with my mentor has been both a pleasure and great opportunity and I just wanted to say thank you."
- Rebecca Veazey, Acting Head of Policy, Women's Resource Centre, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"Yesterday I had my first mentoring session with my mentee and I was so inspired by her. It is very strange, but since this conversation I am feeling a very beautiful energy (happiness, adrenaline, desire to do things, etc). I’m not sure how to describe it but did not want to miss the chance to share this with you and I hope (and I am sure) many other mentors/mentees have such similar feelings thanks to the work your team is leading. Thank you for the great work you do."
- Camila Ordonez, HR Development Manager, Linde AG - Engineering Division, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"Aspire’s work across the senior leadership team at Women for Women International will undoubtedly have an immediate and lasting impact on the work that we do. They have been very adept at matching the right coach to each high performing mentee, and helping them improve themselves and their leadership abilities.  The result is already becoming evident in interactions across the senior team, and we anticipate the learnings rippling through the organization as our senior leaders engage their own teams in an ongoing dialogue about leadership and communication.  Aspire’s work is accelerating the progress of the organization towards achieving our strategic and operating goals – adding directly to our ability to serve some of the most socially excluded women survivors of conflict in the world."
- Andree Simon, President, Women for Women International, Representative for Aspire Foundation Mentees

“This was one of the best presentations I’ve listened to on mentoring with some things I can really action afterwards.”
- Jane Bettany, Manager of Risk and Compliance, EDF Energy, Aspire Foundation Mentor

"I want to thank my mentee for making this whole experience for me incredible and I feel honored that she allowed me the opportunity to share my observations, reflections and feedback. I am so excited, and if I may say, proud of my mentee and what she accomplished this past year. Though we have never met in person, I feel a strong connection with her, and look forward to the day when we might be able to, in person, put a face with the name."
- Kathie Eldredge, Project Manager, NAM Strategic Transformation, Aspire Foundation Mentor

“How fabulous it is that these women want to share their knowledge and experience with us.”
- Angie Conroy, Policy Officer, Rape Crisis (England and Wales), Aspire Foundation Mentee

“I just wanted to say thank you very much indeed to the Aspire Foundation for finding me a mentor.  It is my first experience of mentoring and I am finding it extremely positive.”
- Jane Armstrong, Human Resources Manager, The Children’s Trust, Aspire Foundation Mentee

“The Aspire Foundation has been an invaluable resource to me and She's the First, in connecting us with an amazing advisor and accountant. I am incredibly grateful!”
- Tammy Tibbetts, President/Founder, She's the First, Aspire Foundation Mentee

"The mentor programme is an excellent, philanthropic idea, which supports women by women. My mentor is excellent and always has enough time, is very focused and committed. She has helped me focus and structure my work better; challenged me to think and behave differently and is very client focused, ensuring I and the agency I work for get the best out of me and my skills. I have space to reflect and support for me personally."
- Lisa Thompson, Chief Executive, RSVP (Rape and Sexual Violence Project), Aspire Foundation Mentee

“I had my first call yesterday and it was great. Really, really helpful.”
- Jaz Cummins, Web and New Media Manager, Amnesty International, Aspire Foundation Mentee

“I found the experience immensely beneficial and really enjoyed it. I have already gained lots of useful insights.”
- Catherine Shield, HR Manager, Saint John of God Hospitaller Services, Aspire Foundation Mentee