the aspire foundation

1 Billion Women and Girls by 2020!!

Currently impacting:

16.2 Mill

... women and girls

But we still want to reach

983 Mill

... more women and girls by 2020!

% of target


Our Vision and Goal

It was in 2010, while heavily pregnant with her second son Charlie, that Dr Sam Collins set up The Aspire Foundation.

For a decade, she had been running Aspire, the coaching and development consultancy for trailblazing women in leadership. In that time, she had been honored by HM The Queen as One of the Top 200 Women to Impact Business and Industry, and acknowledged as one of the UK's Top Ten Coaches by The Independent. Aspire had established itself as the 'go-to' organization for women's leadership for a high-profile corporate client base including JP Morgan, KPMG, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, BT, Orange, Linklaters LLP, Vodafone and AstraZeneca.

While making a difference had always been central to Aspire's way of doing business, there had not been a concrete expression of it - yet.

As Sam sat with her feet up watching CNN, a report by Christiane Amanpour came on. In it, Amanpour told heart-wrenching stories of pregnant women in Afghanistan who were having to travel many miles by donkey to birthing clinics - some not even surviving the journey.

The contrast could not have been starker in that moment for Sam. There she was, fretting about the odd swollen ankle while her loving husband waited on her hand and foot and there were women not so very far away, at the same stage of pregnancy, but facing a dramatically different birth experience.

Even though, in many ways, it wasn't exactly the perfect moment (!), Sam was compelled to track down the details of the organization that had featured in the CNN report. She discovered an inspirational charity, Women for Women International, and contacted them to set up pro-bono mentoring from the Aspire coaching team to their senior management.

It was so successful, and yet Sam realized it was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of possibility. Surely Aspire could tap into its extensive network of talented and inspiring leaders from the corporate sector and offer them a unique chance to make a difference too?

Today, The Aspire Foundation offers women and men with a corporate or small business background the opportunity to give something back by mentoring aspiring women from the charities and social enterprises sector. Our vision is to create a positive ripple of change by providing mentoring to women that helps them in turn make even more of a difference to even more women worldwide.

We believe that if more women gain business, social and economic freedom, the world will become a more equal, ethical and balanced place.

Our goal is to make a difference to 1 billion women by 2020. We do this through mentoring ‘MAD’ – 'Making A Difference' women working in charities and social enterprises around the world that are already making a difference to women and girls. We support them to make an even bigger difference to the number of women and girls they impact. In this way, we are creating a multiplier effect of change.